What Is FluTracking?

FluTracking is an online health surveillance system to detect epidemics of influenza. We are looking for people who live in Australia and have easy access to email on a weekly basis. It doesn't matter if you are vaccinated or unvaccinated.

It takes only 10 - 15 seconds per week to respond to an email about the symptoms you or your household members have had in the previous week. This will help us find ways to detect both seasonal influenza and hopefully pandemic influenza and other diseases so we can better protect the community from epidemics.

You will receive weekly information on influenza-like activity in the region based on our analysis of the data. Participation is voluntary and your information will be kept confidential. See our New Weekly Influenza Map and last weeks results.

Our Twitter Feed...

Updates on what we are seeing, planning, and responses to your questions. If you don't see anything below - it may be that your organisation is blocking access to Twitter.