FluTracker's Questions

Listed below are some of the questions we are often asked by new FluTrackers. If your question is not answered here, send us an email using the Ask a Question link below.

Can I answer the survey for other people?

Yes, you can add other people in your household to your weekly survey form. We suggest you only answer for 2 or 3 others and they should be regular members of your household.

Just look for links to add household members at the bottom of the weekly email we send you.

Can I change the email address or postcode that I use for the survey?

Yes, you can change your email address, we now have a participant information page where you can change your postcode or email address.

For security reasons, this page can only be accessed by clicking on an email that you have received from us previously. So check the bottom of any of our weekly survey emails to you change your information. You can also send an email to flutracking@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au advising us of your new email address or postcode.

Please don't register for the study all over again, otherwise your old information will not be linked to the new email address.

What if I am away on holidays and miss the survey?

You can still complete the survey when you get back. Each email you receive has a link that links to a particular week. Just click on the emails and answer the questions for that week - if you cannot recall the week just click on "Don't know". However, if you were completely out of the country for the week in question, it is probably best that you do not answer the survey for that week. Although we could add an extra button on Flutracking to allow you to indicate you were out of the country, we try to keep the survey screen as brief as possible so we just have to accept some low level of inaccuracy in the data to enhance participation.

If you are away for a long time - several months, you can contact us to put you on hold or go to the unsubscribe page and select to be reinvited for next year or subsequent years.