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Weekly Survey

Hello Demo, and thank you for your participation in Flutracking.

Please answer the following questions for yourself and submit.

Participant Survey
For the week of:
Monday, 19 October 2020
Sunday, 25 October 2020
Did you have:
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 |  | 
Sore throat?
 |  | 
Runny nose?
 |  | 
Shortness of breath?
 |  | 
Any change in sense of taste or smell?
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  Absence From Duties  
Were you absent from work or normal duties due to these symptoms?
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Which days did you have off work or interrupted from normal activities?

  Medical Attention  
Did you contact a health professional because of this illness?
From which type of medical service?
(you can select more than one)

If Other, please provide details:
What was the Diagnosis?

  Swab Test  
Did you have a nose or throat swab during the week ending Sunday 25 October?
 |  | 
Have you received the result yet?
 |  | 
What was the result for COVID-19?

What was the result for Influenza?

What was the result for Other Illness?

Have you received the Annual Flu vaccine in 2020?
 |  | 
Where was the vaccination provided?